Correcting Common Word Games

Distinguishing between ideas

The political landscape today is presented as an ever-changing battlefield between opposing factions, or “identity groups”. What is needed is not more opposing groups, but a better differentiation of ideals.

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These are some of the thinking-errors that we intend to correct over the coming months as we develop this site:

Democratization –> Liberalization

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  • Find someone who claims to or is reported to have taken a life. Ask them to show you the other life, not their own life, but the life that they took.

They have simply destroyed a human life. It’s a much more offensive and disgusting thing that they have done than “taking a life” makes it sound like, which is already bad enough.

Dimensions, Differentiation, and Coordinates

We live in a time of great political and cultural upheaval. It hasn’t lead to battle lines, fortunately, because the opposing forces are so mingled within societies, but the conflicting ideals are clashing accross many minor lines of skirmish.

What is causing the conflict? It is a confusion sewn long ago.