Choosing Hugo Over DocPad

Standardized Markdown provides portability.

I love the flexibility of static generated sites. I can create content easily while I also develop the logical structure of the components and their taxonomical relations. Most of that is provided by Markdown, including the YAML front-matter. So the static generator just needs to be easy to start and extend, and it also needs to be sustainable. It doesn’t make sense to invest in learning how to use a static site generator that is not being actively used by a community of people.

Developing in Docpad

The centrality of human-readable text

I’ve started developing in Docpad because I love lo-fi text-only documentation. This CMS uses folder structure and tags for site hierarchy and is very flexible. The MarkDown is transpiled into html and I can use a variety of templating languages for the layout components. I’m going under the assumption that this will all provide maximal flexibility while I am actively creating content. Lo-fi Conceptual Representations I write a lot of notes every single day in MarkDown and yaml.